Package dev.roanh.cpqindex

package dev.roanh.cpqindex
  • Class
    Utility class for writing a sequence of integers to an array while using a variable number of bits for each integer.
    Simple record representing a pair of blocks.
    Utility class to compute and represent the canonical form of a CPQ.
    A small wrapper class for binary canonical forms that caches the hash code of the canonical form.
    Simple object for compiling information on objects with the same label.
    Implementation of a graph database index based on k-path-bisimulation and with support for indexing by CPQ cores.
    Collection of some small index utilities.
    Represents a path through the graph identified by a source target node pair and a number of label sequences that exist between that node pair.
    Class representing a sequence of edge labels.
    Main class and CLI interface for the index.
    This class provides and interface to the native binding for nauty.
    Represents a coloured graph.
    Represents a pair of two vertices, also referred to as a path or an st-pair.
    Represents a pair of two labelled paths that were joined to form a new path.
    Interface for index construction progress listeners.
    Progress listener that logs to a print stream all events except for intermediate updates, which are printed to standard out.